Tickets go on sale tomorrow!

Renfaire After Dark 2018 tickets on sale February 1st.Just in time for ticket sales tomorrow, February 1st, we have a ton of updates for you! Our team has been hard at work finalizing many of our plans that we are very excited to highlight for you.

Ticket Pricing

The graduated ticket pricing from 2017 is back. Initially, this was something we weren’t sure we were going to continue but decided we want to give you a chance at great discounts if you buy early.

February 1s -February 28th: $39.95 +tax
March 1st-March 30th: $44.95 +tax
April 1st-Opening Gate: $49.95 +tax
We will also be offering a small discount if you click share on check out. Our performers will also have discount codes that they will be sharing on their social media pages. Purchase your tickets at

Event Schedule

While some things may be subject to change and not all of our performer information has been completely nailed down our schedule, list of activities, and entertainment list are available for you to look through and begin making plans! Here are some of the changes to the event that we are most excited about:

  • Opening Gate: The hours we are open have changed a bit from last year. The gates will now open at 11 am on Saturday and close at 12:30 am on Sunday Morning.
  • The Pub Crawl: Now 4 hours long with 4 different pubs to rotate between. We have also added a new contest: Lap Dance Duos! Bring your favorite person on stang for the lap dance of their life.
  • Contests: In addition to adding a new contest we have added a second place prize for all of them. 1st place will receive $300, and 2nd will receive $100. Also, to streamline things and keep the preliminaries and finals organized the majority of the contests can now be signed up for in advance. Once you purchase your ticket you will be sent a form where you can sign up for the contests and times when you would like to participate. Limited spots are available due to time so be sure to sign up early.
  • The Once Upon A Time Ball: The last event of the evening has gone through quite a few changes this year. We will be bringing in a DJ while our talented performers run the show. All the contest finals will be judged during this time including a costume and body paint runway. We are also very excited to bring you a themed drag show from local queens to be announced.
  • Sunday: We have added some activities to Sunday Morning and more may yet be added. We are most excited about the sessions of Beer Yoga with a local instructor. Nothing better for the morning after than the hair of the dog that bit you… while you do the downward dog.

Quiet Camping Option

This year we will have two different zones for camping: the quiet area and the party area. When purchasing your ticket be sure to select your preference. Choosing the quiet area will not completely remove the chance that you will hear people laughing and playing a drum circle late into the night but you can rest assured they will be on the other side of the campground. And if it turns out you’re not sleepy you can always take your camp chair and go visit the dark side.

2018 Dates

The planning for Renfaire After Dark in 2018 has officially commenced and we are super excited about everything we have going so far. Lots of new acts, new activities, drinks a more. Details all of this will be coming out over the next few months, but the question on everyone’s mind is, when? When are the Rennies getting rowdy…?

Announcement of the dates for Renfaire After Dark in 2018, May 19th-20th

Some of you will notice this is the same weekend as last year, which we did get some feedback on saying it was the weekend of a lot of graduations. We did take this carefully into consideration but landed on this weekend for the same reason we did last year, any earlier or later we could not get the acts we wanted because they are already booked for other Renaissance Faires and Festivals that they have been doing for a long time. Summer and Early Fall have much the same issue.

So mark your calendars for May 19th-20th and keep your eyes on our website and facebook page for more details as we announce them. Tickets will be going on sale in early 2018.

Thanks for the Rowdy Good Time

Renfaire After Dark weekend has come and gone and we admit… between 3 inches of rain leading up to it and the cold weather that night we weren’t really sure what to expect. Whatever we were expecting… the attendance, energy, and pure rambunctious fun blew us away! This rowdy good time will be happening again.

We would love to hear your feedback to help us with planning for the future. With this in mind we have created a new facebook page just for Renfaire After Dark. So please feel free to leave us a review on our page and tell us what you think we did well or what could use some improvement. For a first time event we know there are things that didn’t quite go how they should have or plans that didn’t work and your opinions are important to it being even better next time.

Thanks for coming out, staying safe, and having fun!