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Get romantic at Renfaire After Dark.

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Axe Throwing – Show off your barbarian side at the Axe Throwing Tournament at 2pm on Saturday, preferably before you have had too much ale.

Knife Throwing – Hone your knife throwing skills for the tournament at 3pm on Saturday… while you can still throw straight.

Haunted House – Explore a damp, dark torture chamber… then venture deeper into Marrick Castle than has ever been allowed during a renaissance event. Find your way through a maze of catacombs, ancient burial tombs, graveyards, and more. Come face to face with a giant fire-breathing dragon, as well as the many blood-sucking residents of the castle who are much more unhinged now that kids aren’t around. Can you find your way out?

Haunted castle at Renfaire After Dark

13 Gates Fog Maze – Find your way through a dark, foggy maze.

Artist Den – Ear ye, Ear ye…  try painting like Van Gogh. The Renaissance was a time of art and culture, but we don’t have any of that so we would like to see what you can do in our Artist Den.

  • Make your mark on our giant canvas mural with paints and markers. Help us create an artistic, and probably very lewd, memory for everyone to enjoy.
  • Live Nude Models are waiting to give you inspiration for your next masterpiece. Grab a drink and choose between doing a pencil drawing or finger painting to capture the beauty of the human form. You are also welcome to bring your own drawing materials or set up.

KinkU by Titans of the Midwest – Get Kinky! Learn about safe, sane, and consensual fetish activities through 4 different 1 hour sessions with experts in different areas of kink. Visit the entertainment page for more information on this group. List of classes and instructor bios coming soon!

Beer Yoga – On Sunday, the Morning After, recover with some downward dog along with some hair of the dog. Two 45 minute sessions will take place in Blackbeard’s Jewels pub. Anyone wishing to participate in this fun and funny take on Yoga should bring their own yoga mat or a beach towel if they do not own a mat.


The Pub Crawl

This year we have added a new pub making this a 4 location pub crawl. Four pubs, each with its own unique entertainment and contests. Shows and contests repeat every hour. Pick a pub to start with and rotate to a new one every hour to see everything.

Pub Logo - Anne Bonney's Blue Room

Anne Bonney’s Blue Room

Featuring performances by Better Than Nun and Clearly Guilty. Also, the preliminaries for the Wet Chemise Contest.

Pub Logo - Blackbeard's Jewels 

Blackbeard’s Jewels

Featuring performances by the Scallywags and the Rum Runners. Also, the preliminaries for the Dirty Limerick Contest.

Pub Logo - Barbarossa Brothers Tavern

Barbarossa Brothers Tavern

Featuring performances by the Bawdy Buccaneers and Broadside Beauties. Also, the preliminaries for the Kilt Contest.

Mary Reeds Pub

Featuring performances by Magnolia Marge and Drunk & Sailor. Also, the preliminaries for the Lap Dance Contest.


The preliminaries for most of the contests will be held in during the Pub crawl which goes from 3-7 PM. There are 4 different pubs that will be doing the same show and judging the same contest once every hour so you can rotate between them and participate in all 4 contests if you so choose. Some of the contest require that you sign up in advance. When you purchase your ticket you will be sent a form where you can sign up. Limited spots are available for each time so sign up early. The finals will be judged during the Once Upon a Time Ball which goes from 10pm-Midnight. All contests are judged by crowd reactions as interpreted by the MC. You must be present to win.

Wet Chemise contest to be held at Renfaire After Dark

Advanced Entry Required:

Wet Chemise Contest – A dark ages twist on the wet t-shirt contest. The preliminaries for this contest will be held in Anne Bonnie’s Blue Room during the pub crawl. This contest does entail getting wet so be prepared with extra clothes or clothes specifically for getting wet in. All participants will receive a free white t-shirt, 1st place will receive $300, and 2nd will receive $100.

Lap Dance Contest – Bring your favorite person on stage for the lap dance of their life. The preliminaries for this contest will be held in the Mary Reed Pub during the pub crawl. 1st place will receive $300, and 2nd will receive $100.

Kilt Contest – Give us a spin and show off those legs and buns! The preliminaries for this contest will be held in the Barbarossa Brothers Tavern during the pub crawl. 1st place will receive $300, and 2nd will receive $100.

Open Mic Dirty Limerick Contest – What’s the dirtiest limerick you know? Make the crowd cringe with this time-honored renfaire tradition. The preliminaries for this contest will be held at Blackbeard’s Jewels during the pub crawl. 1st place will receive $300, and 2nd will receive $100.

Body Paint Contest – This contest will not have preliminaries and will be judged at once. During the Once Upon a Time Ball from 10PM-Midnight we will have a Body Paint Runway. If you will be doing your own body paint or if you would like one of our onsite body painters to create a masterpiece on you be sure to sign up. You will get 1 hour with our artists for free, but tips are appreciated. 1st place will receive $300, and 2nd will receive $100.

No Advanced Entry Required:

The Big Dig – This pile of sand contains a thousand dollars of cash and prizes! Everyone gets a chance to sift through the pile for tiny treasure chests containing coupons for cash, prizes, food, and drink. This contest takes place next to Anne Bonney’s Blue Room and will be overseen by the Pirates so you can expect total honesty and fairness… but seriously, you can.

Best Costume Contest – During the Once Upon a Time Ball from 10PM-Midnight there will be a Best Costume Contest Runway for anyone who wishes to participate. Whether your costume is a perfectly historic Renaissance piece, a sexy get up, or cosplay you are welcome to vie for the crowd’s favor! 1st place will receive $300, and 2nd will receive $100.

Once Upon a Time Ball

Featuring a DJ, Drag Show, and Contest Finals this is the main event of the night. Lend your cheers to the finalists and any runway contestants will you drink and dance the night away.

  • Contest Finals: Wet Chemise, Dirty Limericks, Kilt, and Lap Dance
  • Runway Contests: Body Paint and Best Costumes.