Stay all night and sleep with your friends at Renstock!

When the pubs on faire grounds close that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. No need for a D.D. or calling a cab in garb, tent camping is absolutely free with your ticket. The Renstock Campgrounds are the perfect place to sleep it off, not to mention you won’t be far from the Bloody Mary’s, Breakfast, and Morning After Merchants waiting to send you off from 10 am-Noon on Sunday.

Check in –  details yet to be announced.

Primitive Camping

Bring your own tent and bedding and you can set up just outside the Renfaire. A camping spot is free with your Renfaire After Dark Ticket and you won’t be far from the action if you need a place to change, rest, or entertain. When you check in you will be directed to your campsite and will be able to drive up to it to drop off your equipment. Once set up you will need to return your vehicle to the parking lot. All the campsites are a short walk from the bridge which leads to the Renfaire Village.

Showers available on site, shower pass $5.00 per person.

Modern Camping

Sleepy Hollow has camping sites for Motor Homes/travel trailers with electric and water hookups. These sites will go on sale at on in early 2018.

Please choose to camp and make your reservation early as electric/water sites will fill up quickly.

A note about Campfires…

The city of Des Moines has a open burn ban which the entire Sleepy Hollow site falls under so there are some important things to remember if you would like to have a fire at your campsite.

Any fire MUST be off the ground and have a grate covering it.

Any fire MUST be used for the purposes of cooking.

Any fire MUST be put out once it is no longer being used for cooking.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you want to have a fire you will need to bring an above ground fire-pit that has a grate on it at all times… and keep your marshmallows and hot-dogs handy for cooking. Charcoal grills that are off the ground are also acceptable as long as you intend to cook with them.