Renfaire After Dark 2018 Bawdy Buccaneers

Bawdy Buccaneers
The Bawdy Buccaneers are a National Pirate Comedy Show. Not quite a Pirate Show, not quite a Fighting Show and have to just be SEEN to experience. These four performers unite on stage to bring you REAL sharp swords, REAL live stunts, and REAL…LY bad jokes! With three different shows, there is entertainment for EVERYONE to love! Come share the laughter, adventure, and shenanigans with The Bawdy Buccaneers! Stay Bawdy my friends!

Renfaire After Dark 2018 Better Than Nun

Better Than Nun
Some women are born nuns. Some women achieve nunhood. But we, we had nunhood thrust upon us.
Who are we? Originally from St. Louis and appearing all across the Midwest, we are Sisters Temperance and Prudence, the Sisters of Perpetual Motion, Better than Nun!
If you like your music irreverent, if you like your jokes groan-worthy, if you like drinking at 10 AM on a Sunday, have we got a show for you! Come indulge in some bad habits with Better Than Nun!


Betty Wannabang
Betty Wannabang has been doing burlesque for 9 years now, and hails from Wichita, KS. She’s also captain of the Broadside Beauties, but don’t let that stop you from getting hooked. Let’s get it up for the Boom Boom Babe Betty Wannabang!

Renfaire After Dark 2018 Broadside Beauties

Broadside Beauties
The Broadside Beauties have been entertaining Smoker crowds since 2016, when Dread Betty got tired of asking other pirate comedy groups if she could join them, and assembled her motly crew with a few songs she’d written. With a mix of original or parodied tunes (modern or otherwise) set in a pirate theme, there’s sure to be a song in our arsenal that everyone can enjoy, unless you just don’t like having fun.

Renfaire After Dark 2018 Clearly Guilty

Clearly Guilty
There is only one word that describes Clearly Guilty’s music: Nerdy. And Purdy. Two words. There are only TWO words that describe Clearly Guilty’s music: Nerdy and Purdy. And Dirty. Three words.
Clearly Guilty: Nerdy, Purdy, and Dirty.
(Also Geeky, Funny, Science-y, Absurd, Delightfully Inappropriate, and Rutabaga)

Renfaire After Dark 2018 Danza Mystique

Danza Mystique
What does this band of traveling Dancers do after dark? They play, frolic and have fun of course!  Need magical new moves for a romantic moment?  Have you ever wondered about other uses for our silk veils?  Want to learn to play pong Gypsy style?  Ever seen a snake dance? How about dancing with fire? And, you never know, we may even share glimpses of our new LED or high-energy dances!


DJ Jimmy Jim
Jim has been programming parties in Des Moines since 1977 when he got his start as the resident DJ at The Joker Lounge, a 24,500 sq. ft entertainment complex. Over the years he has entertained tens of thousands of people while maintaining residencies at some of Des Moines’ most well known and popular clubs; Z International, Aztec Thunder, Celebrations, Papa Smithsons, Juke Box Saturday Night, Papa’s Planet, Papa’s Paradise, Bugsy’s, Coconut Joes, Crush, Energy, Le Boi and Lime Lounge. He’s been featured at places like Vieux Carre, Kamodo Klub, Beneath, Aura, Club Element, Boom Boom Room, Jokers, AJ’s Ultra Lounge and is now playing regularly at Voodoo Lounge and Hush.
He has appeared along with major touring DJs like; Bad Boy Bill, DJ Skribble, DJ 2nd Nature, Nick Rockwell & Cutmaster Swiff from Outkast. He has been a regular at the annual 515 Alive Urban Music and Arts Festival. 2013 – 2018 saw Jim perform at the annual Blue Ribbon Baconfest in Des Moines. He also does extensive corporate and private events with event planners like: for In Any Event, Silent Disco DSM and Pink Gorilla Events.
In the late 80’s Jim was billed as Des Moines’ Mixmaster on Z93 (the # 1 top 40 station in Des Moines). His dance mix edits of top 40 hits were featured throughout the week in regular programming. Each Saturday night three thirty minute continuous mix sets were featured as part of a three hour dance show hosted by Jimmy Wright, current Star 102 personality. In this role he was also the featured talent at many dances on the Court Avenue Bridge, either hosted by Z93 or part of events like the Two Rivers Festival.
In 1988 working through Wide Angle Records in Minneapolis he did the 12” Vocal and Instrumental Dub edits for “Turn it up” by the group New from Los Angeles.
Over the years and through all the venues Jim has programmed to many different types of audiences with varied musical styles, including; Disco, Rap, Top 40, Euro NRG, Hip Hop, Trance, Techno and House, a true Open Format DJ. Find out more on his Facebook page and Soundcloud.

Renfaire After Dark 2018 Drunk & Sailor

Drunk & Sailor
Phillip McGuinness and Captain Amos are entering their tenth year of singing pirate songs togetherThough they’re perfectly capable of doing family-friendly shows, their Adult Pub Sing at the Kentucky Renaissance Festival has become infamous. Drunk & Sailor has been seen at renaissance festivals from the Gulf Coast to Lake Michigan, sci-fi/fan conventions, and more bars than they can remember. Wherever they take place and whatever level of filth is involved, Drunk & Sailor shows feature the same high energy interactive format. BE PREPARED TO PARTICIPATE!

Mae The Force
Born a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Mae the Force has been luring audiences to the dark side all across the galaxy for many years. She’s been charming Iowa audiences since 2012. Set your blasters to stun, this IS the burlesque dancer you’ve been looking for! Let Mae the Force bewitch you.

Renfaire After Dark 2018 Magnolia Marge

Magnolia Marge – Medium at Large
Come see the worlds worst psychic. She is definitely gifted, but the spirits do not always cooperate. The result is a comedic blend of zaniness and supernatural hijinx.

Renfaire After Dark 2018 Rum Runners

Rum Runners
The Rum Runners formed in late 2014 with the desire to merge the folk classics of the British Isles with classic Americana. They have often referred to themselves, quite simply, as “Scottish, Irish, English, American, Pirate Folk Music.” The three performers each bring different aspects of their individual musical backgrounds to the table to create a rowdy and engaging experience.


Saddle Gurls
This ragtag group of misfits started as a small group of entertainers with the desire to bring their special brand of sass and lashes to the Des Moines area. They have grown in numbers and popularity to be one of the most popular drag show casts in the state, gaining notoriety around the country. You can catch them at the Legendary Blazing Saddle and other venues around the Midwest. You can find out more about the Saddle Gurls at www.theblazingsaddle.com and #saddlegurlsofficial on instagram.

Renfaire After Dark 2018 ScallyWags

Together, Little Beard and Robbin Banks are half of the ScallyWags pirate comedy show. This show will bring you the looks and brains behind the ScallyWags, and you’ll get Robbin also. They are also regular members of Concast, which is a weekly podcast about all things nerdy and geeky. Together, they have entertained at renaissance festivals, conventions, and clubs throughout the midwest. If you are looking for historically accurate, these are probably not your guys, however, if you want a night of inappropriate humor. We’re the men for the job.

Titans of the Midwest: Kink U
The Titans of the Midwest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social organization whose mission is to provide education and guidance to further the development of knowledge and skills of the Midwest kink community. We are open to all without judgment, encouraging the exploration of kink in the name of fellowship while promoting safe, sane, and consensual fetish related activities through awareness and education. The Titans of the Midwest are proud to have created and support ongoing kink classes at events around the country under the KINK U brand. Find out more at www.titansofthemidwest.org or their facebook pages: Titans of the Midwest and Kink U.

Renfaire After Dark 2018 Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvy
Topsy Turvy is a sassy display of sibling rivalry at its finest. With whips, hoops, and acrobatics, this duo is living proof that sisters can, in fact, get along. In public, at least…

Renfaire After Dark 2018 The Mez

The Mez: Master Hypnotist
Using the powers of hypnosis, The Mez will probe the limits of the subconscious minds of his volunteers who willingly submit themselves to be placed under his authority and control.  This is not a show for the faint of heart.  If you are easily offended by foul language or sexual situations then you should not attend.  Otherwise, if you enjoy naughty sexual adult humor that can be raunchy, raw, crazy and totally off the hook hilarious, then you have to come.  This show borders on the obscene with no intentional nudity but there is also no script.  No one, not even The Mez ever knows for sure what will happen next.  It’s adult situational comedy at its best.  If you have ever wanted to be hypnotized and if you are brave enough, you can volunteer to be entranced by The Mez and let him have his way with you.  It’s an orgasmic experience you do not want to miss.